What Does #### Mean in Excel?

By Saha Alam

What Does #### Mean in Excel

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that people use for various purposes. It’s a very common tool to use in everyday life. When starting to use Excel, one common question is what does #### mean in Excel, and why does it arise?

Here we will share all about this topic, and you will find a solution to this matter.

What Does ### Mean and When It Occurs?

Basically, it’s called the pound sign, and it arises in the following scenario.

  • If the spreadsheet column isn’t wide enough to show the data you’ve entered.
  • When you have a cell formatted to display different data than what you want the spreadsheet to display.
  • When you copy a huge number from a different cell
  • If you make the width of an existing cell too narrow.
  • If the cell is formatted to date, but you put different data types, it will show the pound symbol.
  • If the cell is formatted to show a negative number, you enter a positive number.

How Can You Correct #### Error?

1st Method

Just double-click the right edge of that column header to show the full information. Another way is to drag the cell to your desired width.

2nd Method

Click on Format > click on AutoFit Column Width from the Home Menu.

3rd Method

You can make the content smaller to fit into the cell. From the Home Menu, click on the icon from Alignment > Tick on Shrink to fit box > click on OK button.

4th Method

To decrease too many Decimal places, click on the icon from Number, and you can decrease decimal.

5th Method

To avoid negative time, click on icon from Number > Time > Type > OK.

To avoid negative date, click on icon from Number > Date > Type > OK.

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