What Does $ Mean in Excel Step by Step Guides?

By Saha Alam

what does $ mean in excel

The $ (dollar sign) is pretty familiar for the excel lovers. But many of them just know it and use it to mention it as only a currency sign. But I am gonna show you what does $ means in excel.

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Dollar sign ($) in excel means fix it. If you don’t want to change the character while dragging then you have to use Dollar sign ($) Before it. 

Let’s know more about it. 

How to Use $ Cells in Excel?

When we put =A1  in a cell and drag it down it will show A1, A2, A3,A4…………and drag across will be B1, C1 Because excel when you put letter or number in excel and drag down excel understands what will be next that’s why the result are shown as 1,2,3 or A,B,C.

As we said that the dollar($) sign means fixing, now we will fix the letter A by adding $ before A then drag it down and drag it across .See excel is fixed letter A. 

When we put $ before letter A and Number 1 then dragged down and across that whole result was the A1. Because Dollar ($) sign fixed A and 1  

Use of Dollar ($) Sign in Real Life Example:

The whole process has describe in what do equipoise injection price the game of the human this video. so it might help you to understand.

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