How to Split a Page in Half on Word? (Step by Step Guides)

By Saha Alam

How to Split a Page in Half on Word

Manually, Microsoft Word documents provide one column text format. But by splitting a page in half,  you can divide the page into two separate vertical or two-column pages. Here we show three different ways to split a page in half on words. Read More: How to Remove Index in Word?

1.Split a Page in Half on Two Column

 If you want to split a page with the help of columns, you have to do some easy steps. This way, you can easily divide some information into two different parts. Read More: Where Is the Mailings Tab in Word?

Step 1: Open your doc file and select all your information. Next, go to the Page Layout tab. 

How to Split a Page in Half on Word

Step 2: When you just put the mouse cursor, it will show Add or Remove Columns like the below picture. Then click the Columns sections. 

How to Split a Page in Half on Word

Step 3: In the Column section, you find five different page formats. There is, by default, a one-column page format. But here, you can change the format as you want. Here we choose two-column formats.

How to Split a Page in Half on Word

Step 4: When you click the Two-column format, your page is divided into two different columns.

How to Split a Page in Half on Word

Step 5: In the Column section, have another advantage to split a page in half. Click the More columns. 

How to Split a Page in Half on Word

Here you show a columns window. You can easily change all the settings as you want and can split a page.

How to Split a Page in Half on Word

2.Split a Page in Half on Vertically

There is a 2nd way to split a page in half to help the table. Let’s know the process.

Step 1: Click the Insert tab and select a table. Here we select one column and two rows of the table.

Step 2: The table looks like below. But you can easily resize it. Just click the end of line portion and drag it below the page.

Now the page will show like the below picture.

Step 3: To divide the table into two parts, select the table and click the Layout tab. Then you click the Distribute Rows.

Here we show the table divided into two parts and make a centerline of the page.

Step 4: To highlight the table, click the Table Design tab.

Next, click the border section and click the No Border option.  

Now you can see the border of the table is not showing. So, this page is split in half successfully.

3. Split a Page in Half by Text Box

This is the 3rd one and last way to split a page in half with the help of a text box.

Step 1: Click the Insert tab.

And select the Draw text box.

On your document, now you can create a text box. Just click and drag your cursor.

Step 2: To highlight the box, select it and click the Shape Format. And click the shape outline icon. Select the no outline option.

There you can see the text box outline is not showing.

Step 3: The next step is to copy this text box and paste it’s below. Select the text box and click the Home tab. Select the copy icon. Keep your cursor below the first text box.

Step 4: Click the past icon from the Home tab. Here, you can use the mouse right button for the copy-paste sections. So, we are creating two text boxes on a page.

Step 5: Here, we repeat step 3 to highlight the 2nd text box outline.

Here you can see two text boxes that split a page in half on the word.


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