How to Remove Index in Word? Best Two Methods

By Samrat Biswas

How to Remove Index in Word

If you want to remove Microsoft Word index entries, this post will help you. Microsoft Word offers an index generator in the Reference tab. Where you can easily create, update or remove an index easily and quickly. 

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Here we share two ways to remove indexes in word.

1. First Method to Remove an Index Entry

Open your ms word document. And go to the word-generated index page. 

Now select the word which one you want to remove from how to improve potency the index and page number. For example, we select Design words. 

Here you can see the index word and its page number. Now go to page number 2. You will find the word easily because it will be Bold.

You have to click the paragraph marks button then {.XE.”Design.”} this will show beside your index word. Now delete the breakers portion. We mark it on the below screenshot.  Read More: How to Put Two Bullet Points on the Same Line in Word?

Again click the pilcrow button to hide the paragraph mark. And go to the menu bar.

Click the References tab and select the Update Index. Below the screen, we also show the shortcut process to update the index. Press F9 > Reference tab > Update Index.

Now check your index list, there you don’t find the Design word. The Design word is removed from the index successfully.

2. Second Method to Remove an Index Entry

Open your word file and click the pilcrow ¶ button. Here you also see the break portion, as you already see in the first method. 

Now press ctrl + h to open the Find and replace the window. Click the more button. To select the Field, click the Special button. 

On the Replace tab, you have to fill the Find what area. Write “^dXE.” And the Replace with area keeps blank. Next, click the Replace All button. 

Then you will show a window like a screen below. And click ok. Now you successfully remove the index in your word file.

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