How to Remove Border Line in Word?

By Saha Alam

how to remove border line in word

If you want to remove the borderline in your word document, then this article is for you. Here you can learn it in just 2 steps. So, let’s know the way to remove the borderline. Read More: How to Split a Page in Half on Word?

Step 1: Go to the Menu Bar

Click the Design bar to avoid the unwanted border line, if you used the word 2013 or 2016. Otherwise, click the Page Layout tab. Read More: How to Remove Index in Word?

Then select the page border option.

When you put the course on this page, the border icon then shows a message. Through the message, you get a small bit to learn about the borderline. And easily add or remove border lines in words. Read More: How to Overlap Letters in Word?

Step 2: Borders and Shading Window

After clicking the page borders, then open borders and the shading window. Here you can set the single borders or page borders. Now we click the page border section and select the 1st one, None. And click the ok button.

In the below of the borders and shading window, you will find a custom option. Here you can customize your page borderline. On the right side, see the preview section. By clicking the below icon, you can select more options. And click the ok button.

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