How to Put Two Bullet Points on the Same Line in Word?

Here we share two easiest techniques to make two bullet points on the same line in word. Commonly, when you put the bullets they make several lines. Don’t get a panik to make them the same line.

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First Technique to Put Two Bullet on the Same Line

By using a table you can insert more than one bullet point on the same line in word. Before using this technique your bullets look like below.

But you want them a single line, like below-

Microsoft WordMicrosoft Excel

Now, let’s learn how we can make two bullets in the same line. 

Go the Menu Bar

See the menu bar and click the Insert menu. Next, click the table and get the option to choose how many rows and columns you need for your table. Here we choose two columns and one row. Read More: How to Select Multiple Images in Word?

Now the table will show your screen. Fill all the cells with your data. As like below-

Add Bullet Points

Go to the Home menu and choose a bullet from the Bullet Library. Here you found many options by the drop down menu. 

Now show your table like below-

Remove the Table Borders 

Select your whole table and again go to the Home menu. Click the Borders drop down arrow. Now select No Border option.

Now  you can show two bullet points on the same line in word as we told before.

Microsoft WordMicrosoft Excel

Second Technique to Put Two Bullet on the Same Line

Just select your bullet text which one you want to see on the same line. Now go to the Layout menu and click the Columns drop down arrow. Here you will show the multiple options. We choose the Two  column option. 

Here we also get two bullet points on the same line. You can choose any method you want.  

Microsoft WordMicrosoft Excel
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