How to Overlap Letters in Word? Letters or Text Overlay

By Saha Alam

how to overlap letters in word

Microsoft Word can make your document more readable with its several tab options. Layouts are one of them. Overlap letters are the most attractive method for arranging your content. Now we share how the overlap is used.

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Letters or Text Overlay in Word

1. Here, we use the overlay option within a Christmas template.

 2. In the below picture, we mention the place where we overlap letters or text.

3. To start the text overlap, click over the counter buy halotestin in usa training during the Insert tab and next click the WordArt option.

4. There, you find lots of text colors and formats. Here we select one which matches our template.

5. And there will open the edit WordArt text window. In the Text section area, write your text.

6.  From the Family is our text. Write it and click the ok button.

7. Because our cursor stayed on the second page, that’s why it showed here. And it doesn’t move anywhere. Read More: How to Remove Index in Word?

8. Our text shows behind the template. Now you have to click the Format tab and next click the Text wrapping option. Here you would choose the In front of text option.

9. You can see the picture below. Our text is now showing the front of the template. It is also moving now.

10. Move it now anywhere. 

Reset the Text Transparency

You can make your overlap text more shining or beautiful by resetting its transparency. Click the  Format tab. Next, click the Shape Fill option. Select the More file colors. Read More: Where Is the Mailings Tab in Word?

Here opens a new window. Below this window, see the transparency section. You can easily adjust your text transparency and have a good effect on your text.

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