How to Move a Table in Word?

By Saha Alam

How to Move a Table in Word

Being your mouse pointer, you can easily move or drag your table from one location to another location in your word file. But you can’t fix it as you want. Here we share the way how to move your table exactly where you want. Learn More: How to Remove Border Line in Word?

1. Select the Table:

Open your doc file. Now select your whole table by this move handle (Resize a Table) to move the table cent. If you select only the center on the table, then only the cell will be selected. So, ensure that you select the whole table. Read More: How to Overlap Letters in Word?

2. Set the Table Alignment:

Go to the Home tabe and see the paragraph section. There you find the four categories alignment. There are-

  1. Left align,
  2. Center align,
  3. Right align and
  4. Justify.

Here you can also use the shortcut keys-

  1. Left align-Ctrl+Shift+L,
  2. Center align-Ctrl+Shift+E,
  3. Right align-Ctrl+Shift+R and
  4. Justify-Ctrl+Shift+J.

Here we select the Center Align. And see the table move the center location.

By using the moving handle of your table you can manually move it in word. But that is not good to look at. So, here we show the proper way to move a table.

3. Open Table Properties Window

At first, select your table. Next go to the Layout tab and click the Properties. 

Now there open the properties table. Here you find several options- size, alignment and text wrapping. The text wrapping part has two text wrapping sections. 

  • None and
  • Around.

None means it will clear the right and left area of your table. And the around means it will wrap the text around the tables right and left area. So, here we select the none section. Finally, click the ok button.

Now you can see the difference. The table will adjust its area. But it will not be good to see. Here you can resize it as you want.

Now you can move your table as you want. And can resize it.

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